About Dreaming Creek

Dreaming Creek was founded during the timber frame revival of the 80s using the centuries-old tradition of handcrafted, custom-cut heavy timbers, and we continue to adopt these same methods today.  Dreaming Creek uses its own mill and manufacturing facility to assure the consistency of our quality throughout each and every project.  Dreaming Creek employs only the most talented craftsmen, designers, and engineers to offer you the finest architectural timbering available.

Thinking Green has made timber framing more sought after than ever.  Fact is, we were helping homeowners, architects, designers, and builders incorporate timber frame structures into their commercial and residential projects before “green” became the popular catch phrase for today’s demand for a more sustainable way of life.

We are excited to become part of your team, working closely with you to ensure that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded in the design, creation, and delivery of world-class timber frames, woodcraft, and professional services.

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Dreaming Creek Standard of Quality

At Dreaming Creek, we go above and beyond to ensure that you, the client, get only the best in every aspect of your timber frame project.

Dreaming Creek uses only the finest grades of wood in our timber frame projects and  stands steadfast in our unwavering commitment to deliver the highest quality in every timber frame project we build.  It is common for the suppliers with whom we work to set aside their best material for what they call “Dreaming Creek Grade” timbers, since we are prone to reject anything that we deem to be less than perfect for our clients.

A high standard of quality is maintained in all aspects of the process throughout construction.  We work closely with architects, builders, and individuals to ensure that everyone’s project meets and exceeds their expectations.

As one of our personal assurances of quality, Dreaming Creek keeps all aspects of the process “in house”.  From the time a tree is cut into a timber until the time the last piece has been raised and peg has been driven, these operations are handled only by Dreaming Creek personnel throughout each and every step of the process.  This is just another one of the multitude of ways Dreaming Creek is whole-heartedly invested in the ideal success of your project.

For more on our peerless approach to quality, we invite you to review our client testimonials from folks just like you.  As you’ll see, they attest to the unparalleled Dreaming Creek Standard of Quality, and we’re sure you will too.

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Dreaming Creek Facilities and Points of Interest

Dreaming Creek Timber Frame Homes, Inc. was founded by president and owner, Bob Shortridge in 1991.  The company was named for a tiny creek that winds through the property headquartered in Powhatan County, near Richmond Virginia.

From its inception, Dreaming Creek embodied a holistic viewpoint of “green living,” and fosters a lifestyle of sustainability to this day. From a technology standpoint, we’ve continually honed our edge since our founder’s early exploration with mortise and tenon woodworking during the timber frame renaissance of the early 80s.

Click the links in the listings below to find out more about our state-of-the-art production facilities and other points of interest.

  • Powhatan, Virginia – Tucked away in a secluded region of Virginia, Dreaming Creek’s hand-constructed stone and timber facilities are, in themselves, works of art. The beauty and authenticity of our handcrafted timber structures is one of the benefits customers value most. The entire facility is surrounded by acres of woodlands, personally managed by Dreaming Creek’s founder, Bob Shortridge, Sr.
  • Floyd, Virginia
    • The Beamery – Dreaming Creek’s production facility, the Beamery, is located in the timber framer’s heaven of Floyd County. Nestled in the mountains near Skyline Drive along the beautiful Blue Ridge of Virginia, the area is known for its natural beauty and wealth of talented artisans. The 23,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility stands adjacent to a 4,200 square ft timber frame office, and is regarded as one of the most automated timber framing facilities in the United States.
    • Dreaming Creek Stage
  • Abaco Bahamas – Coastal Resort

What is ours is yours! We would love for you to see first-hand the evolution of over thirty years of dedication to our unique timber framing style.

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Client Testimonials

See how others describe their relationship with Dreaming Creek in their own words.

“For my reconstruction business, I believe a finished product can only be as good as the raw materials from which it is made. I have worked with suppliers of White Oak from all around the country, and I’ve stopped working with all of them since I met Dreaming Creek Timber Frame Homes.

“For the particular type of reconstruction I do, the quality of white oak needs to be the best available because it is used to make working machinery for use in wind & water powered mills. Especially important is the use of properly selected, harvested, milled and weathered wood products. Dreaming Creek has delivered consistently, White Oak of the highest quality and also practices ecologically sound harvesting of these materials. I highly recommend Dreaming Creek for their trustworthy & reliable services.”

Andy Benjamin Hassett
President, B.E. Hassett-Millwrights, Inc.

“…being in a unique position as the owner, architect, & contractor offers a range of expectations, perceptions, & experiences that are hard to surpass. In each of those roles Dreaming Creek was able to effortlessly understand each of my requirements…I cannot say enough relative to the exceptional client service, timely response, & knowledge at all levels Dreaming Creek offered… I want to thank all for the wonderful experience in getting my frame made & raised.”

Andy M. Bennett, Architect: AM Bennett, AIA
Timber Frame Residence – Lincoln, Massachusetts

…”with over 1700 different joints and 3400 different cuts…the timbers arrived ahead of assembly schedule and every piece fit perfectly. I would highly recommend Mr. Shortridge and Dreaming Creek Timber Frame Homes, Inc. and would definitely use them again.”

Alan C. Ashton, President: Wordperfect Corporation, Owner
Timber Frame Residence – Orem, Utah

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for our first timber frame. The entire experience was rewarding and enjoyable.  (Dreaming Creek) provided invaluable advice and assistance throughout the design and initial coordination phase. Thanks for a pleasurable experience and an enjoyable business”

Ralph & Karen Riddle, Owners of Shadow Mountain Escape
3 Timber Frame Structures: Duplex Lodge, Apartment Loft, & Residence – Luray, Virginia

“New Life for Home, Home on the Ranch” – A poem by owner, Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis, Owner
Timber Frame Residence – Jeromy Ranch, Utah

“The frame is incredible! Many have come by who have, or have seen, other types of frames & leave knowing that this is the finest they’ve seen… design, the size of the timbers, and the quality of the joinery are unequaled.”

Mac Lankford, Owner
Timber Frame Residence – Urbana, Maryland

“It was a very smooth raising and the best cutting that I have ever seen on a Hundegger.  I am not sure what you guys are doing different than the competition, but it is unbelievably better than anyone I have ever seen.  I have personally run a Hundegger for 6 months, in the past, so I believe I know what I am saying when I say “WOW”.

Chris Miller, Carolina Timberworks, LLC

“We are very happy with the final result. It is open for business and everybody compliments the structure. Good work!”

Ke’ev Silberamn, RA: Angelo Francis Corva & Associates, Architect
Hofstra University’s “Cafe on the Quad” – Uniontown, New York

“We are certain that our decision to make the additional investment in timber frame construction was well worth it.  It is truly a dream home to live in and provides us more comfort than we could ever have imagined.”

Rick & Susan Thomas, Owners
Timber Frame Residence – Powhatan, Virginia

“We are very pleased with our house and get compliments from nearly everyone who walks through the door.”

B. Page Gravely, Owner
Timber Frame Residence – Montpelier, Virginia

“The place is beautiful!  The best part of the whole process was the people we worked with and came to appreciate as friends who cared about us and our dreams.”

Rick & Joyce Brandt, Owners
Timber Frame Residence – Crozet, Virginia

“The materials and workmanship were excellent. The frame turned out exactly the way I wanted it. It was amazing how precise the cuts were and it fit together like a puzzle. I want to extend my thanks to Dreaming Creek.”

Beth Partlow, Owner
Timber Frame Residence – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Discover the Dreaming Creek Difference, and see how you too may soon become a raving fan.  Contact us today to start working on ways to make your plans and dreams a reality!