Dreaming Creek Sawmill

Over the past 30 years, Dreaming Creek has built some of the finest homes across America with timber cut from our own mills.

Dreaming Creek uses only the healthiest and highest quality timber specimens.  This ensures that you receive the finest products with the least environmental impact.  Our custom designed, state-of-the-art sawmill in Powhatan, Virginia, allows our top notch craftsmen to deftly construct the larger, more complex jobs for which we are well-known and highly acclaimed.  Our sawmill provides a safe work environment for our operators, significantly reduces our fuel and power consumption, and allows us to recycle our waste more effectively.

In 2009, the sawmill expanded its operations, building an impressive timber frame structure to house the mill and replacing the aging machinery with a new sawmill.  The speed and accuracy of the LT-70 Woodmizer mill allows widths up to 36 inches and lengths up to 45 feet and longer.  Our custom designed material handling system doubles our capacity and compresses the amount of time it takes to produce an order.  The thin kerf band blade provides for meticulously accurate sawing, and is what we use for anything from the scrupulous precision of historic preservations to custom project providers.

For those exceptionally large timbers, we utilize our “Sperber” chainsaw mill, which allows us to produce timbers with extremely large widths.  We are often asked to create live edge “flitch” with widths up to 50”. These live edge flitches make for great bar tops, table tops, and headboards/ footboards for beds. You can find more information on these products on our Live Edge Line of fine furniture.

Contact us  if you are interested in having your unique design crafted in our sawmill.  If you can dream it, we can build it!