What’s the history of authentic architectural timber framing?

Timber framing had its beginnings somewhere between 500 and 100 BC when both Egyptians and Romans used timbers to construct the roof systems of their public and private buildings.

Around 500 to 800 AD, master craftsmen began to develop the joinery necessary to construct whole buildings out of timbers. Early Japanese builders learned that heavy timbers and hinge-like joints would counter exposure to typhoons and earthquakes. Japan’s Golden Hall and Pagoda, built in 679 and 693 respectively, still stand today as the oldest wooden structures in the world. During the 9th and 10th centuries, the Europeans developed the timber framing skills we recognize in many of the buildings styles we use today.

Throughout history, homeowners and businesses have relied upon architectural timbering for its unparalleled strength, design flexibility and natural beauty. Join with others who make the smart choice of green, sustainable, and Earth-friendly timber framing.

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