Semper Fi

Dreaming Creek is extremely honored to have been a part of the construction team that built the Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel. This chapel was built as a non-denominational, intimate gathering place for visitors to reflect upon and celebrate the lives of friends and family of Marines who have made the ultimate sacrifice to their nation.

The Chapel is a wood and glass structure located on a prominent hill over looking the National Museum of the Marine Corps in the distance. A soaring wing-like roof, stone bases that merge into the landscape, and the origin of a stream evoke the fundamental air, ground, and sea function of the Marine Corps. The finely textured structure provides a link between the building and the densely wooded site. Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel is the centerpiece of the Park.

Each of the timbers used in the chapel came from managed, re-growth forests in the northwest United States, and has been machined and hand worked to its final form. All timbers are assembled on the ground and raised into position by crane. As the timber frames, or bents, are raised the Dreaming Creek Timberwright’s assemble the final pieces and secure them in place with wooden pegs hand driven into place.

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