Dreaming Creek Standard of Quality

At Dreaming Creek, we go above and beyond to ensure that you, the client, get only the best in every aspect of your timber frame project.

Dreaming Creek uses only the finest grades of wood in our timber frame projects and  stands steadfast in our unwavering commitment to deliver the highest quality in every timber frame project we build.  It is common for the suppliers with whom we work to set aside their best material for what they call “Dreaming Creek Grade” timbers, since we are prone to reject anything that we deem to be less than perfect for our clients.

A high standard of quality is maintained in all aspects of the process throughout construction.  We work closely with architects, builders, and individuals to ensure that everyone’s project meets and exceeds their expectations.

As one of our personal assurances of quality, Dreaming Creek keeps all aspects of the process “in house”.  From the time a tree is cut into a timber until the time the last piece has been raised and peg has been driven, these operations are handled only by Dreaming Creek personnel throughout each and every step of the process.  This is just another one of the multitude of ways Dreaming Creek is whole-heartedly invested in the ideal success of your project.

For more on our peerless approach to quality, we invite you to review our client testimonials from folks just like you.  As you’ll see, they attest to the unparalleled Dreaming Creek Standard of Quality, and we’re sure you will too.

Contact us to see how your project will benefit from our team’s commitment to uphold the Dreaming Creek Standard of Quality!