Custom Home Design

During the planning stage, timber frame construction requires special knowledge and experience because of its many unique characteristics.  At Dreaming Creek, we offer full architectural design services.  Our studio is staffed by trained professional designers who have many years of experience in designing and engineering timber frame structures.

Dreaming Creek’s staff is experienced in working with architects, designers, engineers, individual owners, and contractors to incorporate timber framing into a variety of structure types and sizes.  Our designers work out the design and engineering aspects of the frame itself along with floor plans, interior and exterior sheathing systems, and the application of alternative energy systems in timber frame structures.

Having created hundreds of timber frames, our designers have an invaluable amount of experience that allows them to design the structure to meet the anticipated structural requirements unique to your project.  We have experience designing and building structures in many different environments, including winds up to 135 mph, heavy snow loads, extreme slopes, and seismic conditions to Zone 4.

At Dreaming Creek, we realize that your project is not only a financial investment, but an emotional one as well.  Our team of engineers and designers work for you and with you to design your project… your vision and aspirations… a design that is uniquely reflective of you.

Timber Frame Design Process

With hearts and minds for timber framing, our design staff remains focused on providing the most optimal customer experience. We utilize a “phased” approach for development of your timber frame home design.  As people pleasers, we seek your approval, and openly collaborate in an iterative Design-Review-Approve methodology.

During the custom design of your timber frame house plans, you will be intimately involved in:

  1. Kick-Off Meeting – The first step is often the most fun and critical.  We encourage homeowners and architects alike to bring photos, sketches, and magazine clippings to begin understanding your wants, needs, and desires.  A little brainstorming goes a long way, and our designers are masters of interpretation who are willing share their ideas and past experiences to make your home its very best.
  2. Scope Definition – Here we “scope” the amount of effort required to complete the project to your satisfaction.  This is an exciting time when the computer design for your timber frame home begins and we lay the groundwork for turning your dream into a timber framed reality!
  3. Initial Design – In the first of three drawing phases, we translate all necessary parameters of the project, begin to spatially define the measurements, and incorporate the overall aesthetics for your project.  You will receive a copy of the initial design, and discussion is sought so we can maintain momentum with the designs and quickly move toward production.
  4. Production Sign-Off – Here we redline the drawings, incorporating your changes to the initial drawings.  The drawings at the end of this phase should be close to a final set.  Once they are approved, your project will be placed in the shop schedule.
  5. Final Sign-Off – This final phase is also known as “The Rubber Stamp Phase” when the drawings are diligently reviewed.  At the completion of this phase, design drawings shift to construction documents and timber frame fabrication drawings.

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