Select Timber Services

Whether you have logs, lumber, or timbers, our experts at the sawmill and beamery can cut or shape your wood to your unique specifications. Specifying the details of your timber frame – including the wood you use and the way it’s cut, joined, and finished – is hands-on, personally sentimental, and results in a unique story that further defines your legacy.

Dreaming Creek’s Select Timber Services include:

  • Custom Sawing – Convert your material or ours into any custom cut, shape, or pattern.
  • Kiln Drying – Take advantage of our high volume – bundle your material with ours.
  • CNC Cutting – Design and fabricate end types, profiles, and joinery on-demand.
  • Deep Hole Drilling – Bore drill your logs and timbers with a multitude of diameters.
  • Delivery Services – Have your material delivered to your doorstep.

Contact us to discuss your project and discover the ways our custom and a la carte services can address your special project needs or be integrated as a partner into your production system.

Custom Sawing

Over the years, the Dreaming Creek saw mill has produced some most extraordinary cuts of wood. Whether you wish to use your lumber or timber, or buy-direct from Dreaming Creek, we can cut your timber into any length, shape, or pattern.

Custom sawing options include:

  • Extreme Sizes – Lengths up to 45′ and widths up to 66″.
  • Odd Shapes – Octagonal, hexagonal, pentagonal, dodecagonal, and more.
  • Variable Volume – From large orders to single piece milling.

With capabilities of cutting wood up to 45′ long and 66″ wide with non-standard shapes and special dimensions, your options are virtually limitless.

Some of our largest competitors, and many smaller high-quality timber frame companies, purchase their timber from us because of our unwavering commitment to uphold the Dreaming Creek Standard of Quality in every order. Structural members and planking for wooden boat builders is a popular custom sawing product because of the high quality required and our ability to meet those specifications, which are similar to those used in timber frame construction.

Contact us to request more information, discuss specifics, or place your order.

Kiln Drying

Dreaming Creek processes millions of board feet of material each year. This is made possible by our high volume handling, and you can take advantage of it by bundling your material with ours. Dreaming Creek’s kiln drying:

  • Pre-conditions for moisture content at the job site for super-stable construction.
  • Pre-shrinks timbers before cutting and milling, providing for a more exact fit.
  • Stabilizes your wood to reduce shrinkage, twisting, and frame member movement.
  • Increases uniformity of timbers, profile feature quality, and absorption of sealer.
  • Provides quality assurance checks, ensuring advance notice of material defects.
  • Sanitizes timbers, killing potentially hazardous mold, rot-inducing fungi, and insects.
  • Crystallizes pitch in the wood, reducing potential for seepage of sap.

Contact us to discuss specifics and coordinate material handling.

CNC Cutting

Dreaming Creek can streamline timber frame operations for you with our fully-automated, computer numerically controlled (CNC) Hundegger K2 wood processing center. For years, Dreaming Creek’s state-of-the-art timber processing tool has provided us with a market-leading advantage in increased quality, material usage, and fabrication time savings.

  • Open File Exchange – Send your AutoCAD or HSB files, or have them custom designed.
  • Authentic Joinery – Request mortise, tenon, and other common joints in heavy timbers.
  • Attractive End – Increase appeal with ogee, coved, and rounded profiles on timber ends.
  • Frame Elements – Add boss pins, corner braces, corbels, and more finely finished details.
  • Slotting and Notching – Half lap, dado, and rabbets in log, timber, and post-and-beam.
  • Custom Designs – Work with our designers to develop CNC cuts to meet your specs.

Should you wish to step outside the standards, Dreaming Creek specializes in custom timber frame designs, and is adept at finding clever ways to meet your needs with our CNC cutting.

Contact us to see how you can take advantage of our timber work experience and cost-savings!

Deep Hole Drilling

For those times when even the largest commercial bits won’t go deep enough. Dreaming Creek has tooled-up to handle the rapidly expanding requirements and engineering standards in the manufacture of log, timber, and post-and-beam houses, commercial construction using logs and timbers, and custom projects that require fabrication with large logs and heavy timbers.

Your need for our deep hole drilling services may include:

  • Post Bottoms – Anchors posts to foundations, decking, and other surfaces
  • Light Poles – Provides for bottom anchors and wire chases from base to lamp.
  • Cable Chases – Allows wiring to be run directly through logs and timbers.
  • Through Drilling – Cuts holes through timbers from end-to-end for various uses.
  • Load Displacement – Coupled with internal steel, resolves lateral timber loads.
  • Extreme Conditions – Assists timber in earthquakes and hurricane force winds.

We use the best augers on our highly configurable drill to result in the most accurate of drillings.

Contact us to discuss your needs for drilling deep holes and bores!

On-Site Delivery

Dreaming Creek works with customers near and far. Since we build throughout the United States, we are a high-volume shipper of heavy materials and custom woodcrafts. Our Select Timber Services can be delivered:

  • Assembled – Used for trusses, kit components, and other special projects.
  • Common Carrier – Uses major U.S. trucking companies for heavy freight.
  • Full Flatbed – Large projects where your project is the only load hauled.
  • Oversize Loads – Large logs, long timbers, wide load assemblies.

Contact us to see how your projects can be shipped directly to your doorstep or job site.