Designers and Decorators

Timber framing is highly sought after because it has the rustic elegance of finely-crafted wooden designs and the conscience-freeing beauty of building with recycled and renewed materials. This balanced blend makes timber framing appealing to those with an eye for aesthetics and environmental awareness.

Dreaming Creek started creating unique timber frame structures and woodwork of the highest quality because our artisans and craftsmen couldn’t contain their pure passion for the craft. Timber framing provides you the unique opportunity to provide your clients with a uniquely contemporary mix of new materials and old world woodcraft.

Want raise the roof or lift eyes to the heavens? Our trusses are delivered as fully assembled components and Ready-to-Raise assemblies for expansive spaces and vaulted ceilings. And the options extend beyond our architecturally sounds structures, right into the finer details like furniture and a la carte timber elements. Consider the advantages of spicing up spaces with “trimber frame” elements like doorways, porches, and beamed ceilings. Or live edge furniture with new, reclaimed, or exotic materials.

With your ideas and our abilities, your options are limitless! We’ve helped designers and decorators incorporate one-of-a-kind timber frame structures into their commercial and residential designs for over 20 years. Hopefully, we can do the same for you.

Contact us to discover ways we can help you add unparalleled timber framing into your projects.

Professional Partnership

Dreaming Creek adds ease to any design or decorating project with the aesthetic assistance of:

  • CSI, 3-part format specifications in Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx)
  • Shop drawings in AutoCAD format (.dwg or .dxf)
  • Samples of wood species shipped directly
  • Images for client presentations (high-resolution or email friendly)
  • Catalog and/or website cuts for bid documents in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)

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